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Nozaki Island Guided Tour



The nature and stories of the miraculous island.

It is a short trek guided tour of history and nature in Ojika. You will see rare scenery such as former Nozaki settlement, the reddish land where wild deer flock to, and the white sand beach overlooked from the hill. We will also guide you to Former Nokubi Church. Now, nobody lives here except the manager of Nozakijima Natural Science Village (lodging facility). You can enjoy the nostalgic feel of this almost uninhabited island.

Opening period
Time required
2 hours 30 min. ~3 hours
Application deadline
Reservation required 7 days in advance.
Meeting time / place
Ojika-cho, Nozaki-jima, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki pref.
2~10 people
Adult/ 4,000 (excluding tax)
Children(Elementary school students and younger)/ 2,000 (excluding tax)
※ Touring for only one person will cost 7,000 (excluding tax)
※ Separate fee for a municipal boat ride needed.
Please bring a towel, a drink, a hat, walking shoes.
Application method
Please apply by phone call.
Phone number
Organizer / Application
Ojika Island Tourism (inside Ojika Port Terminal)
Meeting place, meeting place guidance