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[Ukujima] Cycling (Ukuchari)


Uku Island

Cycling around Uku Island by "Uku-Chari".

We have rental electric bicycles "Uku-Chari" which is suitable for getting around Uku Island! Why don't you take your lunch and a camera, and go find your own favorite place?

Opening period
9:00 a.m.~
Throughout the year
Available: 6 regular bikes, 4 Mountain bikes, 2 children's bikes
300/hour, 700/2 hours, 1,500/over night, and other plans are also available. Please ask for more information.

※ Insurance fee included.
Application method
Please call Ukumachi Sightseeing Association or come by directly.
Phone number
Organizer / Application
Ukumachi Sightseeing Association
Meeting place, meeting place guidance
Tourist Information Office inside Ukudaira Port