Northern Kujukushima Takashima/Ainoura/Kosaza/Shikamachi

A beautiful village-vicinity mountain loved by Sasebo citizens.

It is called "Ainoura-Fuji" for its shape, and also known as "Iimori-yama", located in northern part of Sasebo at an altitude of 259 meters. Iimori Shrine (Matsuo, Atago, and Gion enshrined together) is settled at the foot, and Atago Shogun Jizo Bosatsu(the Guardian Buddha of Victory) which Matsura Takanobu(Dohka) of Matsura Family of Hirado received from Atago Shrine in Kyoto is enshrined at the top by Tozen-ji. It will be displayed and be open to the public during the Atago Festival which is held from February 24th to 26th every year. (It is normally placed in Tozen-ji Temple.) Also, there is "Kankan-ishi(stone)" by the path near the peak of this mountain, and it is said that you can make your wish come true by hitting this stone as many times as your age.

Ainoura, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
Phone number
0956-22-6630 ( Sasebo Tourist Information Center )
By bus/ Appprox. 30 min. from Sasebo Bus Center by the bus bound for "Saza・Tabira Hirado-guchi", get off at "Kamiainoura Station", approx. 10-min. walk to the trailhead.