Nogata Coast ( Tsushimase Lighthouse )


Uku Island

The coast that continues from the northern end of the island to the west is eroded by the waves and full of undulations. It is like a fine landscape painting no matter where you see.

In the vicinity of the cape at the northernmost tip of Uku Island where Tsushimase Lighthouse stands, there lies a peaceful landscape that a herd of Goto Beef cattle grazing on the grass. The green grass and the white lighthouse making a beautiful contrast with the blue ocean behind, it is a precious sight of Uku Island.

Ukumachi-nogatago, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
Phone number
0959-57-3935 ( Uku-machi Sightseeing Association )
Admission free
・Hakata Port~Ukudaira Port (4hrs10min. by Ferry "TAIKO")
・Sasebo Port~Ukudaira Port (2hrs30min. by Kyushu Shosen Ferry, 1hr14min. by High speed craft)
A 10-min drive from Ukudaira Port.