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Tohko-ji Temple


Uku Island

The place where there are graves for Taira-no-Iemori and seven following generations. The red gate of the temple is a must-see.

According to the oral tradition, Taira-no-Iemori left the capital for Kyushu accompanied by nineteen followers including Fujiwara-no-Hisamichi, and started to live at the foot of Mt.Kurokami through the arrangement of Lord Watanabe of Hirado. However, knowing that it was not the place for his permanent residence, Iemori decided to move to Uku after consulting with Lord Watanabe. The inlet where they anchored in at that time is still called Funakakushi(the boat hiding place). Thereafter, they ruled Uku and the whole Goto area as the founder of Goto domain.

2397 Ukumachi-taira, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
Phone number
0959-57-3935 ( Uku-machi Sightseeing Association )
Open throughout the year
Admission free
・Hakata Port~Ukudaira Port (4hrs10min. by Ferry "TAIKO")
・Sasebo Port~Ukudaira Port (2hrs30min. by Kyushu Shosen Ferry, 1hr14min. by High speed craft)
A 5-min walk from Ukudaira Port.