Sugehama Beach


Uku Island

The clear sea water and the golden sand beach.

The second largest beach on Uku Island. Some improvements have been made here as a place for marine sports that is popular among young people. You can go swimming in the sea, go camping, and see a colony of crinum(spider lilies). Also enjoy the oppotunities to come into contact with nature in various ways. In addition, convenient facilities such as restaurants, shower rooms, changing rooms and restrooms are also available.

3687-3 Ukumachi-tairago, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
Phone number
0959-57-3935 ( Uku machi Sightseeing Association )
Shower (100/3 min.)
・Hakata Port~Ukudaira Port (4hrs10min. by Ferry "TAIKO")
・Sasebo Port~Ukudaira Port (2hrs30min. by Kyushu Shosen Ferry, 1hr14min. by High speed craft)
A 5-min drive from Ukudaira Port and 20 min. on foot.