Saiko-ji Temple


Central Sasebo

There is the prefectural designated natural tresure "Ohmura-zakura" that blooms rare cherry blossoms with double petals which makes it very exceptional.

In Saiko-ji premise, there is an Ohmura cherry tree planted more than 260 years ago. Its bloosom is characterized by having many petals, at least 60, but up to 200. Its buds are maroon, and become pink in full bloom, being so elegant and noble that it is said to have the best cherry blossoms of all, and also designated as a prefectural natural tresure.

3213 Kamiyunoki-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
Phone number
By bus/ 35 min. from Sasebo Bus Center by the bus bound for "Kugurugi". Get off at "Yunoki Shogakko mae"(in front of elementary school), 7 min. on foot.