Ishidake Observatory


Southern Kujukushima

An observatory where you can get the whole panoramic view of Kujukushima. The view of the islands from above is absolutely spectacular!!

It is an observation deck which has a great view of Kujukushima located at the top of Mt.Ishidake with an altitude of 191 meters. For the view of 360 degrees, many photographers, both professionals and amateurs, visit here to capture the grand spectacule of the islands below their eyes. The scenery of islands that appear in the beginning of the Hollywood movie "Last Samurai" was shot from here.

2277 Funakoshi-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
Phone number
0956-22-6630(Sasebo Tourist Information Center)
30 cars
By car/ Approx. 15 min. from Sasebo Station
By bus/ Take the bus bound for "Shimofunakoshi" or "Kujukushima Park (Tenkaiho)" via "Doshokubutsuen"(Zoological & Botanical Garden), get off at "Doshokubutsuen mae", approx. 15 min. on foot.