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Guest-house Chitose

民宿 ちとせ


The owner is a fisherman! Fresh seafood dishes are their specialty.

A great lodging for fish lovers that serves freshly caught seafood dishes every day. It is small but cozy, conveniently located in front of the town office, close to the shopping street, a post office, and restaurants, so it has many repeat visitors.

Nagasaki Prefecture Kitamatsuura-gun Ojika-cho 1856-1 Fuefuki-go
Phone number
One night with two meals/ 6,300, One night with breakfast/ 4,500, One night with no meals/ 4,000
Number of rooms
9 tatami room×1, 8 tatami room×1, 6 tatami room×1, 4.5 tatami room×1
3 minutes walk from Ojika Port / in front of Ojika-cho office / supermarkets, izakaya etc. nearby / shared dining room and bathroom / only 1 room available with a bathroom.