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Nozakijima Natural Science Village (Lodging facility)



Available for a rest and a stay on Nozaki Island.

The only accomodation facility on Nozaki Island. The building is a former elementary school and junior high school. Classrooms are used as accomodations, the auditorium is used as a rest area. The school lunch cooking facility was restored into a large kitchen, so you can cook your own meals there. Shower rooms are available. It is a 1-minute walk to Former Nokubi Church and Nokubi Beach.

Nagasaki Prefecture Kitamatsuura-gun Ojika-cho Nozaki-go
Phone number
A day trip: 1,000, Sharing a room: 4,000, Chartering a room: 5,000, A permanent tent: 2,000
Number of rooms
1st floor: approx. 15 tatami / max 12 persons x 4 rooms, approx 6 tatami / max 2 persons x 1 room (with bunk beds) 2nd floor: approx 8 tatami / max 5 persons x 2 rooms, approx 11 tatami・ Maximum 2 persons x 1 room (with beds) 1 permanent tent: 2 to 4 persons