Umegae Sake Brewery Open Warehouse Spring & Autumn

梅ヶ枝酒造 春の蔵開き・秋の蔵開き

Haiki/Miya/Huis Ten Bosch

Let's enjoy the fine taste of locally brewed sake!

The annual event of open warehouse! In autumn, you can make a study tour of the sweet potato shochu factory along with free shochu tasting. In February, you can enjoy free tasting of newly blended sake when you make a tour of sake factory. There will be a lot of interesting events such as opening cask sake which is very popular yet avalable only on that day.

Event period
Early November and early February
317 Joma-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki pref.
Phone number
〈In front of the main entrance〉available for 6 cars or 2 microbuses
〈Parking lot〉available for 6 large buses
About 3km from JR Huis Ten Bosch Station, 5~6 min. by car.