Nakao Budo

Nakao Budo

The stylish ambiance and superb food will melt your heart.

You can enjoy original and creative dishes prepared by a chef trained at a famous Japanese restaurant and various alcoholic beverages, with a lot of care given even down to a single glass. The first floor has a standing room and table seating, while the second floor has private rooms for you to relax. The stylish interior with antique furniture is popular among the female clientele. Special offer: place an order worth 1,000 yen or more and get a complimentary glass of beer, high ball, chuhai, or soft drink.

Address 7-11, Kamikyo-machi, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Phone Number 0956-59-5574
Business Hours 17:00 to midnight
Business Holidays Mondays
Parking Not available
Fee 2,500 yen
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