Hirado Fish Market Restaurant

Hirado Fish Market Restaurant

Hirado Seaside Market is in a perfect location between Hirado Bridge and Seto.

The second floor houses the restaurant and caf? with a viewing deck. Enjoy hand-prepared seasonal dishes and desserts unique to Hirado in the spacious and bright dining room.

Address 345-15 Yamauchi-men, Tabira-cho, Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture
Phone Number 0950-57-1057
URL http://setoichiba.com/restaurant/
Business Hours Lunch
11:00 to 15:30
15:30 to 17:00
Business Holidays 2nd Wednesday of the month and New Year holidays (January 1-3)
Parking 20 free parking spaces
Fee Seafood from 1,100 yen
Classic dishes from 1,100 yen
Pastas from 1,100 yen
Cakes from 630 yen
* All inclusive of tax
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