Oyama Park's cherry blossoms

Oyama Park's cherry blossoms

Periods: Late March to early April

A spectacular view of Iroha Island with its cherry blossoms and Imari Bay.

The cherry blossoms in full bloom at Oyama Park and Iroha Island create a beautiful sight. The view from the observation deck on high grounds is particularly wonderful, and the contrast created by the blue ocean and pink cherry blossoms is pretty. 桜のシーズン=満開の桜があるため割愛しました。

Address 1517-1 Hashi-men, Fukushima-cho, Matsuura, Nagasaki Prefecture, 848-0402
Phone Number 0955-47-4084
Phone number Remarks (Matsuura City Silver Human Resource Center Fukushima Satellite Office)
Directions Car: 30 minutes by car from Minamihata Taniguchi I.C. on Nishikyushu Expressway
Parking 100 parking spaces (free)
W.C Public restrooms available
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