Cherry blossoms along Sakurazutsumi Road

Cherry blossoms along Sakurazutsumi Road

Periods: Late March to early April

Over 600 cherry trees bloom on Sakurazutsumi Road.

The 5km-long promenade along the River Kawatana flowing through Hasami starts at Takebetago (Umetakano) and continues to Shukugo (Jinkawa Bridge), and there is a paved path and about 600 cherry trees planted in commemoration. Flowers are in full bloom in the spring, and you can enjoy walking or jogging while watching the heart-warming scenes of kingfishers, herons, and mallard families. Today, the park is enjoyed by many people, both residents, and out-of-town folks.

Address Within the town of Hasami
Phone Number 0956-85-2290
Directions Car: about 15 minutes from Hasami Arita I.C. on the Nishikyushu Expressway
Parking Available (free)
W.C Public restrooms available
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