Saza Town Summer Festival & Fireworks

Saza Town Summer Festival & Fireworks

期間:3rd Sunday of August every year

Summer fireworks explode into flowers shapes over old Saza.

The festival is a memorable event and a summer feature of Saza, conveying the town's energy and liveliness to the rest of the town and beyond as an occasion for townsfolks to interact. Tennis lessons, haunted house, and stage events such as mini-concerts are hosted, too. For the finale, fireworks light up Saza's night sky.

Address Den Den Park Saza Parking, 41 Koura-men, Saza-cho, Kitamatsuura District, Nagasaki Prefecture
Phone Number 0956-62-2101
Phone number Remarks Saza Town Hall Industry and Economy Division
Directions Car: about five minutes from Nishikyushu Expressway Saza I.C. Train: alight at Matsuura Railway Koura Station, and walk for one minute. Bus: Take a Saihi Bus to Hokubu Eigyosho, and walk for one minute.
Parking 100 free parking spaces
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