Arita Hina Pottery Festival

Arita Hina Pottery Festival

期間:From early February to mid-March

Porcelain hina dolls herald the arrival of spring

The festival sees Arita ware hina dolls gracing the town’s pottery shops and potteries. Don’t miss the world’s largest seven-tiered porcelain Hina decoration.

Address Various places in Arita, Nishimatsuura District, Saga Prefecture
Phone Number 0955-43-2122
Phone number Remarks Arita Tourism Association
Directions Car: about five minutes off the Hasami/Arita I.C. on the Nishikyushu Expressway. Bus: take an expressway bus, alight at Hasami/Arita I.C., and take a taxi for seven minutes. Train: alight at JR Kyushu Arita or JR Kyushu Kamiarita station.
Parking 1,000 free parking spaces
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