Emukae Sentourou Festival

Emukae Sentourou Festival

期間:August 23-24 every year

Emukae’s traditional event has been held for nearly 500 years and sees the whole town decorated with magical lanterns.

The festival, held every year on August 23 and 24, is a traditional event that has been held for nearly 500 years. The 25-meter tower decked with nearly 3,500 lanterns is the tallest in Japan. During the Mizukake Jizo Festival, children pour water on the wooden jizo on a portable shrine to pray for good health.

Address Along the Emukae River, Emukae, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture
Phone Number 0956-66-3700
Phone number Remarks (Emukae Sentoro Festival Executive Committee * This number will be opened before and after the festival period)
Directions Car: about 20 minutes from Saza I.C. on the Nishikyushu Expressway. Bus: about one hour on the bus for Hirado from Sasebo Station, alight at the Emukae Bus Center. Train: Alight at Emukae Shikamachi Station on the Matsuura Railway train, and walk for three minutes.
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