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Taxi Tour Saikai Bridge & Hario Radio Tower Course

タクシープラン 西海橋&針尾無線塔見学コース

Sasebo Port Tawaragaura Peninsula/Kougozaki/Hario Island

Visiting the national cultural property "Hario Radio Tower".

Opening period
According to your appointment
Time required
3 hours 30 min.
Every day
Application deadline
Same day reservations accepted.
Meeting time / place
Sasebo Tourist Information Center
Dissolution time / place
Sasebo Tourist Information Center
Regular Taxi…4 persons, Jumbo Taxi…9 persons
Regular Taxi…15,500, Jumbo Taxi…22,750 ※ Insurance fee required 220/person.
・Reservation on the day is accepted when it is made by phone call or at the counter. ・The driver is also a certified tour guide for Sasebo. ・This fee is only for chartering taxi, therefore it does not include admission fees to the facilities, parking fees, toll road fees, nor meals. ・The route is subject to change due to hours of operations or closed days of the facilities. ・You may have to walk on an unpaved road depending on the location.
Application method
Apply by phone call.
Phone number
Sasebo Tourist Information Center(0956)22-6630
Organizer / Application
Organized by: Sasebo Convention & Visitors Association
Apply to: Sasebo Tourist Information Center
Meeting place, meeting place guidance
Sasebo Tourist Information Center
Cancellation charge
Cancellation 10 to 8 days before the date of tour: 20% cancellation fee, 7 to 2 days before: 30%, the day before: 40%, the same day: 50%, after starting the tour or non-participation without contacting: 100%.
Tour contents
JR Sasebo Station→Saikai Bridge→Hario Radio Tower→Mukyudo→Umegae Sake Brewery→JR Sasebo Station