Welcome to the town full of flowers, lights, games and music!
Only one day is not enough to fully enjoy - so many amusements are waiting for you!

Flowers, flowers after flowers... representative flowers of respective seasons are blooming in the town throughout a year.



Many Colorful tulips herald the start of spring, blooming all over the town. The number of variety of tulips gathered here is the highest in Japan.

moss phlox

The pink flower carpet of "Shibazakura" (phlox subulata) - the biggest in Kyushu.


Rose festival

One of the biggest rose town admired by world's flower authorities.
Marvelous view made of 1.11 millions of roses of 1,500 variations.

hydrangea festival

800 variations of hydrangeas bloom in the town. The number of variety of hydrangea gathered here is the highest in Japan.


flower garden show&autumn event

The Flower Garden Show is held - enjoy the show interpereted by famous Japanese and world's gardeners and artists. Gourmet events are also held in the same season. Enjoy the tastes of autumn!


the king of light

"The Kingdom of Lights" - One of the biggest illumination in the world.

Marvelous! One of the biggest illumination in the world.

the world's greatest festival of lights

Huis Ten Bosch is filled with the illumination 365 days all the seasons. The scale of the illumination is growing every year. Huis Ten Bosch is ranked as the No.1 in the night scenery ranking in Japan by the night scenery appraisers.
There are so many illumination spots here that only one day is insufficient to fully enjoy all the spots. It is sure that you will be fascinated to take a lot of pictures!

Canal of Light & Fountains,Palace of Light,Projection Mapping Shows

The period of each type of illumination and scenery varies every year. For the latest information, please visit the official site.

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